CUBExUS - SparkLabs IoT Demo Day 1

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CUBExUS is a team of designers and engineers, who are also parents, who have a dream to disrupt the EdTech industry for open innovations. Rather than sitting through lectures in a traditional educational system, CUBExUS believes that students should work collaboratively and dynamically on real-world problems and projects while leveraging technological tools. Using its patented, function-versatile ‘Magic Cubes’ to construct electronic applications, students learn to create new products and applications, with the only limitation being their imagination. CUBExUS wants to create innovative tools to offer a personalized, whole child learning experience for the next generation. Its vision is to use its triangle architecture, covering hardware equipment, cloud service, and curriculum contents, to provide next generation education technology.

Location : Taipei, Taiwan
Sector : Education / Hardware
Major product : Educational ‘Maker’ Tools/Content
Website :


Duration : 7분 12초
Lisence : youtube
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