Bioinspira - SparkLabs IoT Demo Day 1

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BioInspira is building safer cities by providing a sensor enabling detection grid for natural gas leaks, delivering remote and real-time leak monitoring and risk prioritization to utilities and any parties of interest for safety, security, and environmental purposes. BioInspira seeks to solve such issues by providing a detection grid for real-time and remote monitoring of natural gas leaks. The company uses virus-based Colorimetric chemical sensors that currently detects 13 types of gases. BioInspira is a startup company based on an award winning concept developed at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Location : Berkeley, CA
Sector : Biotech / Energy
Major product : Natural gas leak detection systems BioInspira Ray Chiu
Website :


Duration : 7분 47초
Lisence : youtube
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