Drop - SparkLabs IoT Demo Day 1

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Drop’s vision is to promote cooking as a joyful experience that brings people together over delicious food. To that end, Drop is applying technology and design to simplify and streamline cooking, making it easy for anyone to take their kitchen skills to the next level. Drop’s focus begins with baking. There are over 30 million bakers in the U.S. alone and for many of them finding and following a recipe is a frustrating process that often leads to unpredictable results. Accordingly, Drop’s flagship product is the Drop Scale that works with its Drop Recipes app to ensure home bakers consistently get great results using specially selected interactive recipes. The Drop Scale is able to rescale quantities, substitute ingredients, offer in-recipe tips and share recipes and photos online. It’s the smart baking assistant helping every step of the way.

Location : Dublin & SF
Sector : Smart Home/Kitchen
Major product : Drop Scale
Website : www.getdrop.com


Duration : 8분 3초
Lisence : youtube
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