Falkonry - SparkLabs IoT Demo Day 1

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Falkonry has democratized machine learning for monitoring by providing its AI-enabled solutions to its customers. The Falkonry Service provides a cognitive/AI service that can automate the interpretation of telemetry and sensor data from industrial activity, IT processes, and high-end consumer assets. Production quality and efficiency, as well as the reliability of production systems and processes can be greatly improved by automating the interpretation of such data in real-time. Through simple APIs, the Falkonry Service can be rapidly embedded into applications and solutions. No data science experts are needed and domain expertise can be easily added through its intuitive user interface. The Falkonry Service is deployable in the cloud or on premise on modest computers.

Location : San Jose, CA
Sector : AI / Industrial Analytics
Major product : “AI in a box” without need for data scientists
Website : www.falkonry.com


Duration : 9분 1초
Lisence : youtube
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