SparkLabs Demoday 10 - KSV

KSV is a global esports company, bridging the skills and passion of Korean eSports with the technology and media innovation of Silicon Valley. We take pride in our vision of guiding Korean eSports teams into globally recognizable champions on the world stage. KSV is comprised of three championship heritage teams.
Seoul Dynasty is the Overwatch League team representing Seoul, formed from the nucleus of back-to-back APEX champions Lunatic Hai. KSV Heroes of the Storm team, formerly known as MVP Black, went undefeated to become the HGC Global Champions at BlizzCon 2017, after a 14-0 run in the 2017 season. KSV PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds team has led the KR/JP servers as the number one ranked squad team, with its four players ranked #1, #2, #3, and #4 individually. KSV has offices in Seoul, San Francisco, and Shanghai.

Location: UAS, South Korea, China
Sector: Game, eSports


Duration : 6분 19초
Lisence : youtube
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